About the artist


Born in 1984 in Hunan ProvinceLives and works in Beiing, Du Graduated from the photography department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. 


Solo Exhibition:



Homctown: Baiduyao, H T. Gallery, Hong Kong


Group Exhibitions:



LAArt Show, Los Angeles, USA

H T. Gallery, Hong Kong

Unfolding Landscape, London, UK



2011 Graduate Exhibition: Selected Works, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beiing, China

Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China

CAFA Four Person Photography Exhibition, Donglei Photo Gallery, Beijing China

Dream ofChilhood, Ogilvy O Gallery, Beiing, China








Bai Duyao Series


Bai Duyao is my hometown where I grew up. It provided me enormous happiness and unforgettable memories. As I am growing older and older, Bai Duyao becomes further and further from me, and this sense of remoteness has gradually transformed from physical distance to my inner feeling. Myfear of the real society, the turbulence and anxious mood, of this cold, hollow city around me have pushed all my passion back to the purest land in my heart, my sweet home, Bai Duyao.


In this series of work, I used the image of myself, and took it through the journey from image to memory, frommemory to illusion, and to subconscious drawing. Eventually, I combined the tradition of Chinese ink painting, the form of contemporary photography, and the method of surrealist collage alltogether, to visualize my childhood memory and exhibit the “real” scene of my aloof early age. Throughout the course of this retrospection, I experienced the beauty of childhood once again.