The "Young Artist Program" is divided into " Running Program" and "3.0 space". It is sponsored by Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.
It aims to discover young artists with contemporary art vision, creative thinking and potential, and provide them with an international self-display platform. At the same time, it integrates academic and commercial resources such as well-known scholars, curators, media promotion, etc. at home and abroad to help them promoting careers.


Running Program:This program will be openly registered, and after primary and secondary selection, no more than 10 applicants will be admitted each year. Each applicant will have close communication and cooperation with 2 mentors throughout the year. After the one-year creative cycle, the applicant will hold a solo exhibition in the Three Shadows Beijing space.


3.0 SPACE:An independent art space established by Three Shadows in early 2021, we will present a variety of special events such as exhibitions, dialogues, screenings, etc., with the aim of conveying the charm of photography's artistic language to a wider audience.


Space / Exhibition / Events / Cooperation Inquiries: hujiawen@threeshadows.cn