We launched our Artist-in-Residence Program in 2008. In the 15 years since, we have hosted more than 50 photographers from all over the world in our spaces at Three Shadows Beijing and Xiamen. Our program aims to provide a platform for international photographers, critics and curators alike to practice and study photographic art, helping create opportunities and conversations for artists. Our artist-in-residence (AIR) program is primarily tailored to photographers, yet Three Shadows also gladly accepts artists working in other media, as well as researchers and curators interested in living and working in China.
Residents are encouraged to design unique projects for themselves during their residency, which could mean working on new commissions, collaborating with other artists, or holding workshops in collaboration with the educational department of Three Shadows. We are ready to provide the facilities, materials and services that artists need to complete their projects. We’re also willing to introduce them to a diverse group of local artists and support collaborations with local organizations. 
At present, Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Center continues to accept residency applications.  For more residency information, please download the introduction of Three Shadows AIR Program. For project consultation or Application Form submission, please send an email to zhuxiaotang@threeshadows.cn.



Iris Xing  May 15 to June 13

Sean Wang August 15 to September 12

IAN October 19 to November 17



Codie Yan February 22 to March 27 



Yunxuan Huang December 11 to January 14



Kai Wasikowski (Australia)  

April 1 to April 30 (Three Shadows Beijng)

May 1 to May 31 (Three Shadows Xiamen)

Juan Carlos Coppel (Mexico) June 20 to July 7

Jordi Jové, Espe Pons (Barcelona) August 1 to August 31

Yichen Zhou

October 1 to October 31 (Three Shadows Beijng)

November 1 to November 30 (Three Shadows Xiamen)

Jack Wolf  November 1 to November 30 (Three Shadows Xiamen)

John Zhao November 1 to November 30 (Three Shadows Xiamen)



Veru Iché  (Spain)   August 1 to August 31

Tony Amengual (Spain)   August 1 to August 31

Alexander Silva (USA)    September 27 to November 6



Antoni Muntadas (Spain)



Bruno Baltzer and Leonora Bisagno (Luxembourg)



Sofie Holten (Denmark)   April 3 to June 30

Sascha Weidner (German)  August to Semptember



Carina Hesper (Netherlands)  March 6 to June 30

Kate Woods (New Zealand)   July 30 to October 4

Catherine Longly (Belgium)   June 8 to July 19



Luz Bejarano Coca & Frank Merfort (Spain)   July 17 to July 28

Garrie Maguire (Australia)   June 1 to September 1

Diana Coca (Spain)   June 21 to August 10

Junko Takahashi (Japan)   August 8 to August 19

Svetlana Bailey (Australia)  July 16 to August 6

Tiago Nunes (Portugal)  September 1 to September 21

Ken Kitano (Japan)   October 10 to October 17

Brendan Linane (UK.)  September 14 to October 14

Nirmala Karuppiah (Malaysia)   September 26 to November 7

Carles Labella (Spain)   October 15 to November 15

Catherine Longly (Belgium)  October 15 to November 28



Diana Coca (Spain)   August 6 to November 5

Ken Kitano & Junko Takahashi (Japan)   May 1 to July 31 

Zac Lee (Malaysia)   July 5 to August 6

Virgilio Ferreira (Portugal)   August 9 to September 20

King Tong (KT) Ho (New Zealand)   July 1 to September 30

Karl Kühn (Austria)   April 25 to June 25

Levi  Stefania (Italy)   April 20 to June 5

Nadine Stijns (Netherlands)   Janurary 5 to May 30

Daniele Giuseppe Bornino (Italy)   November 2010 to March 2011, 



Johan Gerard Nieuwenhuize (Netherlands)   April 1 to June 31

Joel Feldman (USA)   October 7 to November 7

Laura Letinsky (USA)   October 5 to October 19



Jean Bernard Koeman (Germany)    June 3 to June 26

Alberto Garcia-Alix (Spain)   May 6 to July 6

Abby Robinson (USA)   June 15  to July 6

Monika Bielskyte (Germany)   July 12 to July 26





RELATED EVENTS (2010-2023)



Healing Images: Embarking on a Journey of Photographic Narratives

October 19 to November 17, 2023


IAN is a media artist and film director who is accustomed to using materials such as photography, sound, and video to explore themes related to human perception, psychological activities, and imaginative constructions. During their residency at Three Shadows, IAN will focus on experimental filmmaking, exploring the relationship between "stillness" and "motion" not only within the realm of imagery but also in interpersonal communication. IAN's experimental films will concentrate on the fusion of video art and narrative film, pushing the boundaries between these two artistic genres and exploring further possibilities of experimental storytelling.



Sean Wang 

Ideal Studio 

August 15 to September 12, 2023


Sean Wang from Taiwan has constructed an "ideal studio" for himself at Three Shadows Xiamen. Through fictional and commissioned works, he provides everyone with the experience of artistic creation. He considers it a semi-open space where interactive discussions and exchanges about photography take place. This includes capturing the audience as artists, discussing the doubts of photography critics, and contemplating what art means with photography enthusiasts.



Iris Xing

The Safe Island 

May 15 to June 13, 2023


During the 30-day residency at Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Center, artist Iris Xing conducted a series of residency projects. These included opening her studio to the public, hosting studio exhibitions, creating handmade books, and organizing two art workshops focused on art therapy and sensory experiences.In the workshops, the audience expressed their emotions and projected their inner worlds through designing therapeutic balls. By tasting the flavors of emotions, they glimpsed the subtle and varied tastes often unnoticed in daily life. The resident artist combined the senses of taste and touch with art, creating a synesthetic world. During the studio open day, visitors engaged in discussions and also claimed objects with profound healing significance.



Codie Yan

Series of Performance

February 22 to March 27, 2022


During her residency, the young artist Codie Yan has created series of performance pieces reacting to the shivering changes of the society. In a blink of justy one month, she immerses herself into the uncertainty and unflinchingly screams out a voice that is tender yet powerful.



Yunxuan Huang

The Hidden and Exposed in the Digital Age

January 3, 2022


Resident artist Huang Yunxuan shares her series of works that delve into themes related to post-humanism and digital nomads, and opens up her residency studio to allow the audience to enter her ongoing workspace, introducing the mixed media works she produced during her residency at Three Shadows Xiamen and her way of capturing the visual surplus to experience the subjective feelings in daily life. The photographs she created during her residency also reproduce reality but produce a slightly deviated feeling, showing the construction of " object " and the disappearance of human subjectivity in space.



Jordi Jové, Espe Pons


August 23, 2019


As the concluding event of the Three Shadows Artist residency project, visual artist Jordi Jové and photographer Espe Pons from Barcelona held a talk which shares not only the latest works of two artists , but also the photography works they have completed during their residency in Beijing. The artists  also showed the original work to the audience and share the motivation behind their project. 



Juan Carlos Coppel


July 7, 2019


Last Sunday afternoon, Three shadows artist in residence Juan Carlos Coppel shared his stories and concepts  behind some of  his photo series under the theme "A Man Who Walks across the Field". Born in 1986, Juan is an artist who works and lives in the northern Mexican city, Hermosillo. As a farmer himself, many of his works revolve around agriculture production and how human activity affects nature and land.  Apart from photography, his artistic practice of creation also include video, sculpture, installation and so on, in this talk we chose several his most representative series to share with the Chinese audiences.



Kai Wasikowski

HYDROGRAPHIC WORKSHOP (in collaboration with Three Shadows Educational Program)

April 20th-April 21st, 2019


From April 20th to 21st, 2019, the resident artist Kai and the Three Shadows Education Program jointly organized a two-day hydrographic workshop. Kai's artistic practice is based on his long-standing interest in nature and human relationships. His creations involve photography, installation, video and many other forms. In the two-day workshop, Kai shared his latest practice “water transfer printing” to the students, and led hands to introduce this new form of creation into their own photography.


Veru Iché


August 20, 2018


On August 12, Veru Iché presented her first experimental work during her residency with four volunteers recruited by Three Shadows. In the three-hour work, the artist guided and recorded the participants’ exaggerated movements based on the distinctive architectural environment of Three Shadows and the natural landscape of the courtyard. Some of the source material for this semi-spontaneous work formed a part of Obedience, Iché’s Three Shadows residency project. This project has since been exhibited in Iché’s home country.



Bruno Baltzer and Leonora Bisagno


October 11, 2015


Bruno Baltzer and Leonora Bisagno are a pair of artists from Luxembourg that create together. This was Leonora's and Bruno's first and second visits to China respectively. They have been traveling around Europe working and searching for inspiration. The hutongs of Beijing and old Chinese photographs were a new experiences for them. Their new works were displayed at the Embassy of Luxembourg, while their artists' talk was simultaneously organized by Three Shadows.



Sacha Weidner


September 27, 2014


Guest: Sascha Weidner 

Organizer: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Goethe Institut (China)


Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and Goethe Institut welcomed German photographer Sascha Weidner to China. He explores photographic art and finds new energy in different visual culture during artist-in-residency programs in Sydney, Kyoto, Beijing, etc.. During his two-month stay, he’s been photographing and creating new ideas. At the end of September, Sascha shared his new projects made in China. 



Carina Hesper


July 1, 2012


Carina participated in the artist in residence program at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.   During her residency she completed 3 projects: 50 Faces, Wang Family and a work in progress, Lucky Flowers.


She talked about her previous work, developed in the Netherlands, and the projects completed during her residency in China. After the talk she presented her first book; 50 Faces, about ‘business portraiture’ in China.




October 15 to October 24, 2011


"The images are a selection of results from an on-going and deeply involved project. Using the photographic process to step into an accessible abstraction, ‘objects’ emerge from dark backgrounds as I enter an imaginary realm, an alternative perception of the world; an insightful dimension of darkness, colour and form. Extraneous elements are stripped away and the viewer is invited to relearn how to see and to appreciate what is, unfortunately, so often overlooked or undervalued. A primal energy in an overall cohesive visual effect, forming something that has a suggestive, slightly sinister, and almost human feeling to it, and is always derived from discovered or found sources on any urban roadside. These images are as much about what is outside the rectangle as what is within, and hopefully, will summon an intuitive reaction."        

— Brendan Linane                                                                                                         



Nirmala Karuppiah


November 15, 2011


Nirmala Karuppiah presents a screening of her short art film, “Capturing Twilight”, at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing, China.  The award-winning photographer explores and pays tribute to the ancient art of Chinese Opera. While Chinese Opera is still practiced in a contemporary context and forms an integral part of Malaysia's heritage, it is nonetheless an endangered performance art in Malaysia.  Karuppiah’s film sheds light on the value of this tradition and the importance of preserving it.  


Svetlana Bailey, Diana Coca, and Maguire / Lum


August 5, 2011


Three Shadows Photography Art Centre's three artists-inresidence from the summer of 2011 presented slide-shows of their previous and current work in the Three Shadows courtyard. Svetlana Bailey photographs in fog in a variety of unrelated locations.


Diana Coca raises questions about bodily identity, morality and taboo. Maguire / Lum showcased work from the last decade of practice.




July 10 1p.m.,2010


 "I have accumulated photographs for many years and created a cache of images of all kinds of groups of people. Through the overlapping exposure of a large number of these negatives, I create special portrait images. Looking closely at the history of Japanese photography, we can see that, in addition to myself, Ken Ohara, Bishin Jumonji, and Keizo Kitajima have also devoted themselves to taking portraits and continuing to gaze intently at the existences of others. Lead by the vanguard of Yasumasa Morimura, a tradition of photographers who take self-portrait images has also been lovingly passed down to us.


 In China, RongRong and inri collaborate as photographers, using us as a creative subject. There are very rich and deep possibilities for two people and family time and stories. I was very moved, far beyond my expectations, because this kind of photographer is not often seen in Japan. However, in the short time I have been in China, I have discovered that artists that see the world from the perspective of us are more numerous here than in Japan. I am under the impression that they are not restrained to photographic expression.


Participating Experts: Yu Hidaka (Guest Lecturer of Visual Culture at Gunma Prefectural Women's University, Japan), Yuri Mituda (Curator at the Shoto Museum of Art, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan), Huang Rui (Artist, China), Tsai Meng (Photography Critic, China), Wu Jian'an (Artist, China), RongRong (Photographer, China), Ken Kitano (Photographer, Japan)

Sporsor: Polar Art Foundation, Japan Foundation



Ken Kitano


July 3, 2010 to August 20, 2010


In 1993, he became an independent photographer. In 1989 he began taking photographs, and in 1993, he held his first solo exhibition. Since then, his works have entered collections both inside and outside of Japan.


At first glance, the works of Japanese photographer Ken Kitano appeared to be images of single individuals, but were in fact composites of a group of images layered into a "meta-portrait." No digital technology was employed in creating his images, but rather a mastery of traditional darkroom techniques. Almost anthropological in nature, Kitano's photographs distilled our understanding of various groups and members of society into striking visual representation.



Nadine Stijns


May 29, 2010


Dutch artist Nadine Stijns will showed the work she has made during her three month residency at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.


While in China, Stijns became fascinated with the way the natural and the artificial mix in Chinese society from the standpoint of a Western eye. She photographed the newly created and Western inspired idyllic surroundings of luxury apartment blocks in Chaoyang District, the striking duality of twins in a country that still enforces the One Child Policy, and the eerie consumerism of covered stalls in Wangjing's mega-shopping malls after closing time. In each of these series, she examines the blurred demarcation line between the public and the private as well as the addition of some Western ideals that appear to have become prevalent in the construction of Chinese society. Nadine's work focuses on the small ordinary moments and objects that are part of daily life.




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