Action-Camera: Beijing Performance Photography

China's performance art discipline has evolved over the past 20 years into a new style: staged photography. The arresting, frequently shocking, images in this exhibition catalogue create a dialogue about Chinese culture's traditional and modern incarnations that incorporates gender-bending, nudity and global landmarks. These early photos were originally documentation, yet have emerged as an integral component of the Chinese performance scene. Within this historical framework, Action - Camera is a seminal contribution to both Chinese art and performance. Featured artists include Ai Weiwei, Cang Xin, Dai Guangyu, the Gao Brothers, Han Bing, He Yunchang, He Chengyao, Hong Hao, Li Wei, Ma Liuming, RongRong, Wang Qingsong, Xing Danwen, Zhang Huan and Zhu Ming.


Thomas J. Berghuis,Keith Wallace,Maya Kóvskaya / Action-Camera:Beijing Performance Photography / Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery,2009 / ISBN:9780888658012