Globalization has progressed during the past twenty years, with countries and cultures converging. This makes it virtually impossible to identify the “Western world” in any geographic sense. Is the West then only a dream?

Sixteen international photographers set off on a quest to find the typical West. The book shows us their astonishing discoveries, a kaleidoscope of the "Western idea." Includes photographs by Annet van der Voort, Arabella Schwarzkopf, Gianmaria Gava, Horst Friedrichs, Lauren Hermele, Mauro Bottaro, Paolo Woods, Philipp Horak, Reiner Riedler, Richard Ross, Robert Haidinger, Simone Casetta, Stuart Isett, Toni Anzenberger, Ulrich Eigner, and Yadid Levy.


Regina Maria Anzenberger / Annet van den Voort / Paolo Woods / Yadid Levi. West. Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg, 2010. ISBN:9783868280678