Dorothea Lange. Los Anos Decisivos.



Los años decisivos presents a selection of photographs from Dorothea Lange’s two great series, one made for the Farm Security Administration on impoverished farm workers during the Great Depression and the other for the War Location Authority on the Japanese prisoner camps in the United States. Both are historical series due to the subjects, the circumstances and particularly to this photographer’s mastery when portraying such hard realities with humanity and respect.
Dorothea Lange (1985-1965) became one of the most important and influential photojournalists of the nineteen thirties and forties due to her photographs of the Great Depression in the United States. She has taken some of the 20th century's most iconic images.


This book presents more than 130 photographs fom a fundamental period for Lange, the thirties and forties; the years in which she documented some of the American government's projects created whithin the New Deal, including the FSA, and protrayed the harsh situation her country was going through. Her photograpy, of a strong humanistic character, frames her subjects in the midst of the masses, using New Vision resources to create powerful images, many of them of a great aesthetic beauty way beyond their documentary nature.


Text by Oliva María Rubio, Sandra Philips and Jack von Euw.


Varios Autores. Dorothea Lange. Los Anos Decisivos. La Fabrica, 2009. ISBN: 9788492498741