FINALIST - ForeWord Magazine, BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2008. There is an instant when every photographer peers through the viewfinder and recognizes basic subject matter, but the nuances of structure, composition, light, color and shadow are needed for an interesting photograph, one that provokes awareness and thought. The inclusion of these elements is not only critical but also deliberate. Wanderlust is a visual essay expressing my wonderment of the world through the art of photography. I present the significance of everyday life of ordinary people who inhabit vastly different areas of our complex world. From these travels I have acquired a sense of belonging and presence within a greater place, whether Cape Cod or Cape Town, Mumbai or Manhattan, Sri Lanka or the Serengeti. Wanderlust is a photographic collection of this humanity and our environment. I selected and organized my photographs in an attempt to offer a unique sense of discovery, anticipation and excitement on each page. To accomplish this, I created categories to group my images with an integral "transition" photograph that helps take the viewer to the next series. The result is a fluid experience, moving one image to the next with continuity-and without words. I wanted the pictures to stand on their own, enabling the viewer to experience the journey without narration-to share my visual experience of Wanderlust. A small, accompanying booklet gives the title, location and, when necessary, a brief description to further enhance the meaning of the photograph.



PAUL B. ABRAMS. WANDERLUST. 2008. ISBN: 9780982001103