Wynn Bullock (Aperture Masters Of Photography)

Piece of art itself.


Wynn] Fuess, David [Bullock. Wynn Bullock (Aperture Masters Of Photography). Konemann, 1999. ISBN: 9783829028868



Wynn Bullock continues to be known as one of America's most innovative and experimental photographers. Bullock felt that his photographs were more than surface reflections, that they portrayed the interaction of “space and time” defined by light. This volume contains Bullock's most influential and best-known images, spanning his entire photographic career. An essay by David Fuess illuminates Bullock's life and work, drawing from a series of revealing interviews conducted with Bullock just prior to his death. Wynn Bullock devoted most of his life to exploring the natural universe and man's relationship to it; the vehicle of his search was the photograph. The penetrating, enigmatic and almost mystical nature of his images is accomplished through formal beauty matched with provocative imagery. Bullock wanted to jolt people to new heights of visual and self-awareness by encouraging them to relate to nature directly, unencumbered by traditional modes of visual and abstract thinking. His dramatic photographs have been characterized as showing the inner essence of nature, powerfully reflecting its mysterious beauty on a level extending beyond the everyday.


Wynn] Fuess, David [Bullock. Wynn Bullock (Aperture Masters Of Photography). Aperture, 1999. ISBN: 0893818275, 9780893818272