Born 1971 in Chengdu (Sichuan), Feng Li, agraduate of Chinese medicine, practices photography both as a civil servant for the provincial Department of Communication and as an independent. In fact, he constantly gravitates between official imagery and his personal work, which is at complete odds with the propaganda he's crafting for a living. The photos of Feng Li are like a series of fortuitous encounters with an unlikely cast of reality. Since 2005,may he be photographing a sedative congress or moving freely into the weekend crowd, Feng Li constantly nourishes his single, unique and plethoric series White Night. His past exhibitions and awards include: "White Night", Solo Exhibition at Nanjing Art Institute (2016), "Snack" at Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, "Our Future" at Beiing Red Brick Art Museum, "Beiing Photo Biennial" (2015), "Chongqing Changjiang International Photography and Video Biennale" (2015), "Ten Years of Contemporary Photography in China"(2015), " Jinan International Photograpn Biennale" Best Photographer Award,the 8th "Lianzhou International Photography Festival" jury award (2012).



White Night 2015 -Feng Li


I do not know if this counts as photography, but I do believe this is the other side of reality.

I can not explain the exact meaning of these photos, just as I do not completely understand the world, 

The only thing I can tell you is my queries.

Many times I was just a questioner, faced with everything that has happened, asking one question to answer another. 

The answer, in fact, is always a question mark.

Having the camera meaning I can raise my hand to ask at any time.

The flash opens up the seemingly calm world, leaving a deep impression at the bottom of my heart.

Outside the night is white as day, passers-by hurry on.

This is my world, a world of white nights.


Artist: Fengli

Curator: Thomas Sauvin