In October 2021, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and CHANEL jointly launched the Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image at the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival. A three-year programme, the Award aims to support young creative forces in photography and moving image art: to discover and nurture outstanding young Chinese curators and researchers working with these mediums, as well as to encourage cross-disciplinary research centred on them. Following an open call for curatorial proposals, a committee of experts will be convened to select the finalists and the winner. The finalists’ proposals will be presented through a group exhibition during the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival, while the winning proposal will be realized and made into an exhibition touring at the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival (Xiamen), Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing), and ZiWU (Shanghai), thanks to funding from the programme. The winner will also have access to a mentorship and exchange programme, which is designed and held on a yearly basis, as well as a cash prize of RMB 100,000.


Photography and moving image are two important forms in contemporary art. In less than 200 years, the technologies and dissemination channels for photography have undergone immense changes, a trend that has become particularly evident with the rapid development of digital media. In the meantime, moving image has also been revolutionised, embodying various local features and serving different functions depending on regional, historical, and cultural context. As a result, exploring the possibilities, complexities, and unique characteristics of photography and moving image, as well as their influence on attitudes, culture, and the artistic imagination, seems particularly urgent and significant at the moment. The study and practice of these two mediums will enrich their content, extend their boundaries, and improve their social and cultural reach.


A curator, whose role was originally a museum caretaker, has evolved into a planner and organiser of exhibitions. From there, the curator has become a researcher of art and advocate for ideas and serves as an important bridge between the artist and the audience. This unprecedented initiative, the Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image, will encourage young curators to engage in the study of photography and moving image, and to facilitate the production and promotion of outstanding contemporary artworks in the field.


The 1st Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image attracted 53 curatorial proposals, among which five proposals were selected by the jury committee, namely: Peng Yanhan + Tracing the ElephantJiang FeiranYin Shuai & Zhang YichuanYing Liu & Yiyi YouZhou Yichen. The proposals from the finalists will be presented through a group exhibition during the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival, where the winner will also be announced.





About the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival

Jointly organised by Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and Tianxia Jimei Media, the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival was launched in Xiamen's Jimei District in 2015. Since then, Jimei x Arles has presented more than 200 exhibitions from China and the rest of Asia, as well as a selection of excellent shows from Les Rencontres d'Arles. The exhibitions are primarily presented in the Jimei Citizen Square Main Exhibition Hall and the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre Xiamen, as well as other sites across the island of Xiamen. During the opening week and the entire run of the festival, art lovers and the general public will be able to enjoy a variety of events such as the opening ceremony, the award ceremony, portfolio reviews, lectures, guided tours, performances, screenings, workshops, and field trips.


About Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is China’s first independent institution specialised in contemporary photography, co-founded by the influential Chinese contemporary photographer RongRong and his wife, celebrated Japanese photographer Inri, in June 2007. Since its founding, Three Shadows has been the country’s premiere platform for the presentation, promotion, and international exchange of photography, hosting high-calibre exhibition, lecture, education, publication, artist residency and other events and programmes. Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is comprised of two spaces, north and south: one is situated in Beijing’s Caochangdi Art District, and the other in Xinglinwan, Jimei District in the southern Chinese city of Xiamen. Aside from its exhibition spaces, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is also home to +3 Gallery, image production facilities, a photography library, a photography education centre, and a photography bookstore.



CHANEL is a private company and a world leader in creating, developing, manufacturing, and distributing luxury products. Founded by Gabrielle CHANEL at the beginning of the last century, CHANEL offers a broad range of high-end creations, including Ready-to-Wear, Leather Goods, Fashion Accessories, Eyewear, Fragrances, Makeup, Skincare, Jewellery, and Watches. CHANEL is also renowned for its Haute Couture collections, presented twice yearly in Paris, and for having acquired a large number of specialised suppliers, collectively known as the Métiers d’ Art. CHANEL is dedicated to ultimate luxury and to the highest level of craftsmanship. It is a brand whose core values remain historically grounded on exceptional creation. As such, CHANEL promotes culture, art, creativity, and “savoir-faire” throughout the world, and invests significantly in people, R&D, and innovation. At the end of 2020, CHANEL employed close to 27,700 people across the world.



Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Exhibition Department): Baiyu Ren