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    Antonin Kennel    


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    Antonin Kennel   

    Born in 1978 Nancy, France. Currently lives and works in Xiamen. Antonin is a self-taught photographer based between Xiamen – China and Saint – Viatre in France. He is working currently on different projects related to both his original French culture and his experience living in China. 

    He mainly works in black and white, using traditional film processing techniques and Chinese traditional black ink and Xuan paper. Not being a very talkative person, he finds photography an ideal way to express himself. Pacing up and down the streets of the city or the country with his camera, it’s often more a small detail than impressive scenery that makes him snap the shutter. He views his photographic works as a full-fledged part of his personality and his life; a balance between black and white, east and west, present and past.