RongRong's East Village 1993-1998 Special Edition

An important archival resource for the study of chinese contemporary art and photograph.

•The forty photographs contained in the limited edition portfolio designed by the artist are divided into three groups according to their subjects and dates of execution. The first group, taken from 1993 to June 1994, portrays the East Village's artistic community in its original location. The second group records continuing performances by East Village artists from late 1994 to 1997, after the community had been forced to disperse. The third group consists of Rong Rong's self-portraits taken in his East Village days.

•Accompanying this selection of photographs are extracts from the diary Rong-Rong kept while he was living in the East Village with extensive commentary by Wu Hung, a Harry A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor in Chinese Art History at the University of Chicago. The journal is a detailed account of this formative period in the development of a true Chinese avant-garde.




RongRong’s East Village.1993-1998

Limited Edition

Soft cover book and printed photos in cloth bound box

Author: Wu Hung

Book Language: English and Chinese

Pages: 230 pages, plus 40 printed photos

Images: 260+40 black and white printed

(4C Offset) photos

Dimensions: box 50 x 46 cm

Printed photos 50 x 40cm each

Accompanying book: 28.5 X 36.5 cm