• Space on Paper - Jimei x Arles Chinese Contemporary Photo Book Exhibition As an important medium for presentation and creation,...

    Space on Paper - Jimei x Arles Chinese Contemporary Photo Book Exhibition


    As an important medium for presentation and creation, photobooks have long been a popular form of creation among photographic artists. Stacks of paper constitute a space with infinite possibilities, presenting the photos and unfolding the narrative between pages. Though digitization seems to be the unstoppable trend, photo books have been a reminder of the materiality of photography, as well as the warmth of paper and ink, contrary to the icy texture of digital screen.

    As art books have experienced rapid development in China in recent years, photo books have also received increasing attention. This year’s Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival introduces the “Space on Paper - Jimei x Arles Chinese Contemporary Photo Book Exhibition”, which began with an open call for art works using photo book as the medium from Chinese artists. Among over 100 submissions, around 50 handmade books and publications from artists and art institutions have been selected as exhibits. By bringing these excellent pieces and their authors to the spotlight, the exhibition aims at showcasing the current development of Chinese contemporary photo books, and establishing a platform for display and dialogue of photobooks.


    By Li Zijian

  • LIST:


    Leisure, for Sure

    Author: Liu Jialu


    MIE MIE: My Life as a Cat

    Author: Ge Yaqi


    Ever Complete, Never Whole

    Author: HAO Mengya


    60 Years of Machine Repair

    Author: Liao Xiong


    Between Mountains

    Author: Liao Zekai


    If the Floor is a Table, the Trash Can is a Big Vase

    Author: Mi Jiebin



    Author: Pan En


    Finding Lubo

    Author: Wang Hanlin


    Wave Overture

    Author: Wang Xuehan



    Author: Wei Xianwen


    Sensitive Set

    Author: Xia Wenzheng


    His Wild Growth

    Author: Xu Shengzhe


    Beijing Youth

    Author: Yang Zhazha



    Author: Ye Sheng


    Explosions, Rainbows and the Rest

    Author: Jeff Yeh


    The Shadows of the Temples

    Author: Zhang Beichen


    Daily Ritual

    Author: Zhang Xin


    The Grand Temple

    Author: Zhou Yulong


    A Star Shines on the Hour of Our Meeting                              

    Author: Zhou Yang


    4765 Miles of Shit

    Author: Colin



    Author: Zhuang Zhe



    Author: Bai Shan


    Walked and walking 

    Author: Li Wei


    Collection of Poems in Alleys

    Author: Liu Bin


    Fluorescence Forest

    Author: Luo Yangxin


    Drowning by Moonlight

    Author: Luo Rui



    Author: Lu Yanpeng

    Publisher: Seisodo


    To Nietzsche                       

    Author: Adou, Liu Ke & Huang Huang

    Publisher: Zen Photo Gallery



    Author: Wang Xueya


    A Life of Fen and Fang

    Author: Wu Wei


    Wenzhou Merchant

    Author: Zheng Gangfeng


    Eat a Chili

    Author: Weng Wei


    I'll Always be Here for You

    Author: Crystal Sim


    The Queen, The Chairman and I

    Author: Kurt Tong

    Publisher: Lianzhou Museum of Photography & DEWI LEWIS


    Land of Ambition

    Author: Chen Ronghui

    Publisher: Three Shadows +3 Gallery



    Author: Fang Muxuan


    Give Me One Minute

    Author: Joy Island


    Yellow Dust                             

    Author: Yuan Bo


    The Melancholy of Spiders                     

    Author: Liu Yuchen



    Author: HONG Shu-ying


    Going to the Zoo is Serious Business 

    Author: Wei Zihan


    Misplaced Time and Space

    Author: Zhang Shunan



    Author: Zhou Ge


    Mist in Summer Morning                                           

    Author: Wang Ruixin



    Author: Shen Jingjing


    Yu Yo Shyo Ko                         

    Author: Ying Chi Hsueh


    Valery Katsuba: Russian Romantic Realism

    Publisher: Shanghai Center of Photography,Anna Nova Gallery,Sarah Vinitz Foundation


    A Tale of Two Cites Chengdu & Chongqing

    Publisher: Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum


    Face to Face

    Author: Zhong Weixing

    Publisher: Unicorn Publishing Group LLC.


    Bernard Faucon 2020

    Publisher:Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum


    Rooms within in China

    Publisher: Tofu collective