• China Pulse
    Each year, the China Pulse section partners with an art academy in China to showcase new forces in Chinese photography. This year's exhibition, "The Photography Is Not What's Important: Photography at the Central Acade my of Fine Arts," is in collaboration with the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). Curated by Cao Qinghui and Cai Meng, the show de scribes the development of photography at CAFA, and through five sections entitled "The Medium Is Not What's Important," "The Major Is Not What's Important," "The Point of View Is Not What's Important," "The Exhibition Is Not What's Important," and "The Photography Is Not What's Important," the exhibition reflects on and discusses these subjects, while recognizing their importance.
  • Miao Xiaochun, Stand, 2007. Archival Pigment Print, 251cm x 440cm. Courtesy of CAFA Art Museum.
  • Chen Man, The Eosin of Twelve Colors in China, No.1, 2011. C- print, 80cm x 53.33cm. Courtesy of CAFA Art Museum.
  • Taca Sui, Beneth the Old Capital, Peak Puff, 2010. Platinum and Palladium Print, 20cm x 20cm. Courtesy of CAFA Art Museum.