• Frequent Visitors Artists: Qin Hao Curator: Xi Tao In 2017, Qin Hao returned Chongqing and spent one month living where...

    Up: Qin Hao, Half window, 2017  Down:Ms.Yao, Grandson, 2017

    Frequent Visitors


    Artists: Qin Hao

    Curator: Xi Tao


    In 2017, Qin Hao returned Chongqing and spent one month living where he had desperately tried to escape as a child. He rented a small house, visited and took pictures of the streets in Chongqing with his grandmother during the day, then organized the photos and created paintings after returning to his room at night. It was the seventh year of his music career.

    Two years ago, Qin Hao and his partner successfully held a concert with 40,000 attendance at the Workers' Stadium, followed by touring exhibitions in a number of cities. Although their songs were played all over the country, his habit of nausea from being too nervous before appearing on the stage had not changed. He was even at a loss in sudden despair for countless times on the stage in the enthusiastic atmosphere…

    During his stay in Chongqing, he and his grandmother took the light rail, travelling in the hustle and bustle of the city. He listened to his grandmother's life recollection about the city and focused his lens in the direction she pointed. Sometimes the two generations took photos of the same place, and they appeared in each other's photos.

    His father whom he hasn't contacted with for a long time also joined them for dinner. The relationship between the three generations and the city has reconnected and fused in such a short period of time.

    Two years later, Qin Hao published a photographic album Frequent Visitors, while still staging music performances. He officially left Beijing and settled in Chongqing, which eventually made him a frequent visitor to his hometown and family.


  • Left: Qin Hao, Ms.Yao and the dog at The Ninth Ferry, 2017 Right: Ms.Yao, A dog at The Ninth Ferry, 2017
  • Left: Qin Hao, Elderly men, 2017 Right: Ms.Yao, Elderly men, 2017
  • Left: Qin Hao, Xia dam, 2017 Right: Ms.Ya, The Abandoned railway, 2017
  • Left: Qin Hao,The Ninth Ferry and grandma Right: Ms.Yao,Changing films
  • artist Qin Hao Singer, songwriter and photographer. Born in Chongqing in 1986, he now lives in Chongqing. Qin Hao graduated...


    Qin Hao 


    Singer, songwriter and photographer. Born in Chongqing in 1986, he now lives in Chongqing.


    Qin Hao graduated from Jilin Animation Institute, majoring in comic and animation design. For years, he has been devoted into painting creation and has developed a keen eye for composition, light and dark, and the rhythm in space. As a musician, he depicts visual experience of the world in a unique way. His acute taste and background for fine arts naturally drives him to document life with a camera, with photos bringing joy and surprises in the process. As a photographer, Qin Hao published his first photo album Dear Passersby on November 14th, 2019. With over 200 films and 30,000 words, it revealed the hidden pain and tenderness of those who leave their hometown at an early age, and told stories about escape and return. Several of his solo photo exhibitions will be held in Shanghai and other cities throughout 2020. As a musician, he is a member of the duo Good Sisters, which is the first independent duo that held their concert in Beijing Workers Stadium. Since its debut in 2012, the duo has released 7 albums independently and toured in more than 100 cities in China. In 2018, Good Sisters has collaborated with 10 legendary female artists, such as Qi Yu, Xin Xiaoqi, Pan Yueyu in their cover versions album The Dream Chaser. In 2019, Qin Hao created and released his solo EP The Swan, where Mavis Fan joined in the track Tragicomedy.

  • CURATOR Xi Tao Xi Tao, born in 1978 in Henan Province, lives and works in Beijing. He works as the...


    Xi Tao


    Xi Tao, born in 1978 in Henan Province, lives and works in Beijing. He works as the manager for the duo Good Sisters, Chen Li, Jiao Maiqi, Wang Jiayi and Chen Jingfei; Founder and CEO of Youcishan Culture & Media Co., Ltd. Xi Tao has 12 years of experience in branding and 7 years of experience in the music industry. His major responsibilities range from the strategic development of the company to brand positioning and development strategies for musicians.


    Past music and art projects include releasing the very first music and fine art compilation album The Zoo in the mandarin music industry in 2020; organizing the China debut for Haruhiko Kawaguchi, and the French photographer Nicolas Baghir. In 2018, he was the producer for Chen Li’s album In the Room of San Yu. In this project, Chen Li compiled a music album for the exhibition “Looking into San Yu”, and created a completely new way of immersive display that fuses music and art.