On Friday, November 5th, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and CHANEL co-hosted Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image launching ceremony and shortlist unveiling dinner to celebrate and give a platform to emerging photography and moving image curators. The event brought together Mr. Laurent Bili, French Ambassador to China, Mr. Benoît Guidée, French Consul General in Shanghai, Ms. Myriam Kryger, Attachée Culturelle, Mr. Rong Rong, Co-founder of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and Co-founder of Jimei × Arles International Photo Festival, Mr. Gu Zheng, Artistic Director of Jimei × Arles International Photo Festival, Ms. Ning Chang, CHANEL Brand Ambassador, and Ms. Linda Margraf, singer, and key media partners.


The Award aims to inspire and encourage young curators to engage in the studies of photography and moving image, and thus to facilitate the production and promotion of outstanding contemporary artworks in those fields.


As He Yi’ning, a curator, photography historian, and jury member of the Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image, said, "The topics of the submissions reflect the understanding of young curators (or curator groups) on the following image-related issues: case studies of Chinese photographers in specific periods; dialogues between fragments of Chinese photography history and current photography; new ways of studying and viewing video art in an interdisciplinary context; reflections on new global image art issues and creative trends in the aftermath of the epidemic; and a discussion on technological images and media culture in the post-digital era, among others. The ten groups of projects that made it to the second run, to varying degrees, present the unique characteristics of the curators (or curator groups) in terms of their research abilities and ways of thinking, as well as their reflections on bringing their past curatorial and public education experiences into their proposals.”


The 1st Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image attracted 53 curatorial proposals, among which five were selected by the jury committee following two rounds of selection:  



The Past Is a Foreign Country

Curatorial Team: Yanhan Peng + Tracing the Elephant (Mark Qu, Shiyun Yu, Yanzhi Wang)


Tracing the Elephant was a community of inquiry founded by curator Yanhan Peng, together with designer Mark Qu, architect Shiyun Yu and art historian Yanzhi Wang. Their artistic collaboration is based on everyday dialogue, questioning and diverse exhibition-making practice. They hope to re-situate the long-standing power relationship between curators, artists and audience, and, through their expertise in different areas, transforming exhibition places into an ongoing initiative, a container, or simply a reflecting mirror. By organizing cross-cultural art, design and publishing practices, TTE is dedicated to establishing an inclusive space for contemplation, coexistence and action rooted in various social contexts.



Unnamed River

Curator: Jiang Feiran


Jiang Feiran, Artist and curator. Jiang graduated from film department at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Master degree of Fine Art , and is currently a PhD candidate in Curatorial Studies at Institute of Contemporary Art and Social Thought in China Academy of Art. Her research interests include contemporary art curation, avant-garde theory and visual cultural studies, and her doctoral dissertation focuses on the Situationist International and Global 60s; Jiang's recent curations include "Dune of Sensibility" (2020), "Rats escaping the labyrinth-60th Anniversary of OuLiPo" (2020), "Being with You in the World" (2020), "Inter-World-View" (2019) ,etc., and is the invited editor-in-chief of "Science Fiction Opera", UnArt, 2nd issue(2020); She was the conference scholar of"Post-War French Thoughts and Contemporary Art Theory Changes" (Fudan University, 2021), "Netizen 21:  Beyond Personal Account", 4th annual conference of network society (China Academy of Arts, 2019), etc.



The World-time, The Dream-time

Curatorial Team: Yin Shuai and Zhang Yichuan


Yin Shuai (b.1991) is a curator who lives and works in Milan. He has collaborated with FM Centre for Art Contemporary (Milan) since 2015 and became a lecturer at NABA in 2018. In 2019, he founded AP Project and started their collaboration with the German publishing house Archive Books. His articles and exhibition reviews are published in Segno, Mousse Magazine, Public Art, L@ ft, and other art magazines. His project “Death-Ray on the Coral Island” is selected as Emerging Curators Projects 2021, “Infancy and History” (with Andris Brinkmanis and Paolo Caffoni) is selected as finalist of OCAT research-based exhibition 2019, he has collaborated the exhibitions: The Principle of Hope(Inside-out Art Musuem, 2021) 2nd Yinchuan Biennale Starting from the Desert: Ecologies on the Edge (Yinchuan, 2018), The Szechwan Tale: Theatre and History (Milan, 2018), the 1st Anren Biennale The Szechwan Tale: Theatre and History (Anren, 2018), The White Hunter: Memories and African Representations (Milan, 2017), The Great Learning (Milan, 2017), Non-Aligned Modernity (Milan, 2016), The Unarchivable: Italy 1970s (Milan, 2016).


Zhang Yichuan is a curator, publisher, director, and co-founder of AP Project. He works and lives in Beijing.In 2021, he co-curated with abC Art Book Fair in the project of “VAI PURE! Reading Room of Art and Feminism” and in collaboration with Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum (IOAM) and OCAT Institute which offered a space for reading books, exhibiting arts, and exchanging ideas and invited audiences to reread feminism writings and rethink by reconnecting with history. Since 2019, he has co-published successively art books including La Station De Metro Bellevie, Why Don’t Show Your Anger, Book of Lost & Found, and POUNCING Vol.1 Rivolta Femminile.



Women are fashioning

Curatorial Team: Ying Liu & Yiyi You


Ying Liu is an artist based in Rotterdam. She is also one of the founders of the independent nonprofit art(home) space Platform LivingRoom in the Netherlands.


Yiyi You, lives in Paris. Graduate student at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), and works intermittently in different roles in the arts, such as editing, translation, writing, project planning and coordination, etc.



SMART – 59

Curator: Yichen Zhou


Yichen Zhou is an artist working with photography, video, performance and installations. Her performance-based work explores her identity as part of a new generation Chinese artists and points to the challenges of living in a world where she finds multiple cultures and values in conflict. Zhou received her MFA in Photography and Related Media at Parsons School of Design in 2012 and took part in various exhibitions including Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, St Petersburg Art Museum in Russia, Three Shadow Photography Center in China, Gallery HO in New York, SCOPE Art Fair in Miami.  Zhou is co-founder and curator of MiA Collective Art, which is a non-profit art organization online. It offers collaborative opportunities for artists, invite young artists to work together through providing a curated selection of articles, interviews, exhibitions, and specific-themed projects.