Tim Yip:Silent Passenger


RongRong & inri

Founders, Directors

Three Shadows

Photography Art Centre


It is our pleasure to show Tim Yip: Silent passenger at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.

Tim is such an artist: he uses his unique aesthetic ideas and annotation to advocate the beauty of oriental culture through films and stage arts.

Lili, the showpiece in this exhibition, is a representative: an inanimate object which was endowed with instantaneous life through Tim's act of photographing.

The artist finds his view of life in her body, and made many pictures during the process.

The details of 'her' emotions conveyed by these pictures is actually the director's inner voice which only he can play out. It releases a language hidden in the unconsciousness.

There is no need for other actors or models.

Tim’s perfect and extreme aesthetic expression is embodied in this figure.

For Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, the exhibition is an extraordinary attempt to find new possibilities of photographic expression. We hope this exhibition can bring perceptual  inspiration to viewer, and become an opportunity to explore a new domain of photography art.

Finally, on the occasion of opening of exhibition, we expess our appreciation to everyone who made this exhibition possible and successful.