Confluence :The Exhibition of 2010 Three Shadows Photography Award

Words from the Three Shadows Founders


Last year, winter arrived especially early, and we still have not seen signs of spring. The recent sandstorms have made it even more difficult to see any sign of life.

Welcome to the Second Annual Three Shadows Photography Award.

Photography was born more than 170 years ago, and photography as a mode of expression changed constantly since. With continuous developments in photographic technologies and their merging with modem art, photography also welcomes an age of transformation. The Three Shadows established this award here in China with the goals of encouraging and stimulating photographic creation and examining and contemplating the question, "What is photography?" This ontological question prompts us to think more deeply about this newly emerging art form.

In this period of complete and constant change, what kinds of works can capture the popular imagination? We hope that, through the brief appearance of these young photographers' tender early works, we can continue to consider this eternal question.


This year's Three Shadows Photography Award received several hundred submissions from all over China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and abroad. From there, we carefully selected twenty young photographers.These photographers explored the medium of photography to varying degrees from different perspectives and using completely different techniques. Their works allow us to see that, to this new generation of photographers, the artistic language of photography is boundless.

We are deeply gratified by the prospect that this year's winners will write the new history of photography.We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all of the participants in this year's competition, our international selection committee members, and all those who provided support and assistance for this award. Your support has made the success of this year's Three Shadows Photography Award possible.


RongRong and inri


Founders, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre