Nobuyoshi Araki:sentimental journey/1971-2012



On June 27, 2012, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre celebrates the fifth anniversary of its founding. To commemorate this milestone, we are proud to present the exhibition NobuyosbiAraki: Sentimental Journey / Decadence in Paradise. Araki is a representative Japanese photographer who has long been globally recognized for his work. With his infinite passion and faith, Araki has been dubbed the madman of photography" for his reputation of challenging the limits of the medium time and time again.


We began to plan this exhibition about three years ago. Each time we met with Araki, we were increasingly impressed by his artistic ability to express his unique existence and use his insight on the world to achieve his own individual articulation of feeling. Of Araki's many works, the series Sentimental Journey is the most well loved and respected, and thus also his most widely influential body of work. This series reflects Araki's strong sense of expressive power, which render this personal narrative timeless and lets it resonate within our hearts.


If this exhibition allows even more people to appreciate Araki's rich artistic universe, then this would be our greatest honor. As independent artists, we have always admired his courageous spirit. We also wish to thank those who offered their tireless support from the beginning,including Mr. Wang Xiye from the Gucang Contemporary Image Center, who provided original works for the exhibition, as well as Ms. Hisako Motoo, whom Araki trusts deeply and fully. This exhibition couldn't have come to fruition without the whole -hearted support and assistance of these two individuals. Although this exhibition is by no means entirely comprehensive, it is oursincere hope to bring about greater awareness and understanding of Araki's works and the artist as a person.


RongRong & inri


Founders, Directors of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre