Three Shadows 5th anniversary

2012 brought the 5th anniversary of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre. On June 27th, we gathered with friends old and new to celebrate the occasion. Looking back over the past ve years, there has been much hardship and much happiness. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff combined with the support and assistance from our friends from all walks of life, Three Shadows has grown to be the premiere platform for contemporary photography in China: the selection of the annual Three Shadows Photography Award is now a major milestone in the eld, the continued expansion upon our collaboration with both domestic and international institutions has lead to the development of outstanding exhibitions and taken our cooperation in new directions. While looking to the past, we also have great expectations for the future development of Three Shadows and your continued support. With over a year of refining and adjusting our structure and direction, Three Shadows is bound to continue providing a higher standard of exhibition programming, promoting domestic and international photographic exchange and dialogue, introducing exceptional international artists to the domestic audience, and promoting contemporary Chinese photography in on the global stage. 

June 27, 2012