Yiran Rachel Wang Solo Exhibition —— Below 50 Hertz

7 August - 5 September 2021 Xiamen

Curator:Teng Qingyun


Organizer: Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre

Duration:  Aug 7, 2021– Sept 5, 2021


Venue: No. 301, Building 2, Xinglinwan Business Center, Jimei District, Xiamen

(Enter from the large platform connecting Building 1 and Building 2)




 Text/Yiran Rachel Wang


This series of works presents a moment of non-existence, or perhaps the non-existence of a moment. The seemingly chaotic traces traverse the boundaries of space and time. Regardless of the cultural and social benchmarks, the world runs on the promise of life that the mountains, rivers and earth have to offer. This cycle in nature goes on and on, and it never ends. "Everything is made according to the desire of the heart", the most authentic reality is not what we see, but the relationship between what we see and our innate reactions to it. I hope you can truly perceive whatever captures your eyes or just simply enjoy a moment of peace while visiting this series.



Artist Biography


Yiran Rachel Wang  graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Photography, engaged in visual creative work in Beijing, Shanghai and New York. She is currently pursuing a master's degree at New York University with a focus on Visual Culture study and New Media technology.
As a photographer whose approach moves fluidly between documentary and fashion, her work often deals with reconstructing memories and memorializing objects. Exploring the complicated relationship between humanity and nature in the context of historical and cultural background, Rachel’s work aims to scrutinize and observe people’s role in nature in a poetic, yet provocative way.