The course starts from the personal experience and takes the times we live in as the background. It is divided into three sections: "Commercial Photography", "Personal Creation", "Cultivation and Selection", and analyzes the different work of photography in business and creation. 




Shen Siyuan

Born 1983 and currently living and working in Beijing, Jin Shien is an independent photographer and film director who adopts photography with video, graphic work and literature as the major medium for artistic creation. Shien was the director of photography for Harper’s Bazaar-Art and For Him Magazine before completing his transition from a fashion photographer to photographic artist in 2016. In the same year, he created Flatland, a media subscription platform that has enjoyed growing popularity among the public. By 2020, Shien has published two photo books, namely Wild & Girls and Baby Flower, which provide a clear idea about the artist’s unique perception derived from an alternative vision to understand the world, illustrated by the metaphoric and seemingly absurd photographs taken by him.