The 7-day photography handbook art creation workshop will introduce the concept and the whole editing process of handbooks. The students could discussed the presentation forms of multiple photobooks together according to the style of their works, and has deep reflection on how should we give the work a second life when the photography books as an important carrier and medium ?





Sun Yanchu,Born in 1978, Zhoukou, Henan Province ,Currently lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province .Recent Solo exhibitions include “FICCIONES”, JIMEI X ARLES 2017 INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVALDeveloper Paintings”M97 GALLERY and“The Egotist in The Darkroom”,Art Basel Hong Kong 2016,And 40 YEARS OF CHINESE CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY,THREE SHADOWS 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EXHIBITION, Three ShadowsHis works are art institutions and personal collections. In Chinese photography,Sun Yanchu has  Exceptional insight.His vision, framed by the camera lens, is a painting of aesthetic feeling.The moment of time and space attracted him,Like violent weather and sinister human emotions,It's like Turner's obsession with the wild and unrestrained elements.The transmission of profound human experiences, such as anxiety,The photographer found countless possibilities in nature: clouds, rain, night, and various kinds of light, and so on.His worksOBSESSED》and 《FICCIONESPublished by Jiazazhi Press in 2011 and 2016.Has won awards 2017JIMEI X ARLES DISCOVERY Nomination Award,2015GUCANG DUMMY AWARD MARTIN PARR EDITION AWARDS,Lianzhou Foto 2011 New Photography Award and MIO PHOTO AWARD 2010 JURORS AWARD(MORIMURA Yasumasa)Special Award.