Fog, Fire, Virility: A Presentation of Works by the Three Shadows Summer Artists-in-Residence

5 August 2011

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre’s three artists-in-residence from the summer of 2011 will present slideshows of their previous and current work in the Three Shadows courtyard.


Svetlana Bailey photographs in fog in a variety of unrelated locations. In fog, objects become obscured and the horizon is hidden, which engages ideas of boundlessness and the uncertainty of perception.  Fog acts like a portal to the transitory nature of one’s surroundings. Objects lose their finiteness of appearance, and we are reminded that the reality that surrounds us may not be as permanent or solid as we try to believe.


Diana Coca raises questions about bodily identity, morality and taboo; our relation to and conventions built around them, whether they are acquired or violently imposed: 'Who am I?  Who would I like to be? For a while I'm the melancholy of a fragmented figure, though in that interval mysteries are revealed.'  The images are a deconstruction of the false cultural construction we call femininity.  For Coca, the differences between men and women don't exist at birth, but instead are made.

Maguire/Lum will be showcasing work from the last decade of practice. They photograph the extraordinary within ordinary men, showing them as Gods, follow their aspirations, reveal their bodies, all the way into their bedrooms and bathrooms.  The work has been made in China, Philippines and Australia.  "What’s a man now - what’s a
man mean? is he rough or is he rugged ? Is he cultural and clean?" --Joe Jackson, 1981



The Three Shadows Photography Art Centre artist-in-residence program provides visiting photographers, artists, academics and curators with the opportunity to live and work in China.