Muntadas interprets Asian diversity with a great exhibition in Beijing

Pablo M. Díez, ABC Cultura, September 12, 2018

China, Japan and South Korea are the main powers of Asia. From the ignorance that distance gives, in the West it is sometimes thought that they are very similar countries. But in reality, they are so different and drag a history of such turbulent relations as Spain, France and Germany, which in turn are also sometimes equated in the Far East by the same ignorance that distance gives. Breaking these geographical and, above all, mental boundaries, the renowned Spanish artist Antoni Muntadas shows up to this Sunday in Beijing an exhibition that, entitled "Asian Protocols" ("Asian Protocols"), plays ironically with those interpretations that China, Japan and Korea of the South they make of themselves and the others. Born in Barcelona in 1942, Muntadas is a pioneer of conceptual art in Spain despite having developed almost his entire career abroad, where he has received the most important awards for his reflections on the construction of societies through the media.