Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre sincerely invites contributions of exhibition proposals from artist and curators from all parts of the world. The project plans to display artworks based on images including installation, digital, video, painting, etc.
Until now, 25 artists' solo exhibitions have been systematically presented, and 2 group exhibitions "2020 UNBOUNDED GROUP EXHIBITION" and “2020 UNBOUNDED GROUP EXHIBITION" were held . Participating artists include artists, professional students, college teachers, freelancers and other art creators with different identities and social backgrounds.The Unbounded project will continue, looking forward to presenting diverse art works in a boundless way.We also hope to find more artists through this project and provide them with a professional platform to display their works ,meanwhile, connecting art lovers so that Unbounded Project could be a more extensive space for display and communication.


The solo exhibition project is always open for application, and the group exhibition project —— Three Shadows Unbounded Art Exhibition is currently calling for entry.  The application for group exhibition will end at February 2th 2022.


Application link:



S U B M I S S I O N   G U I D E L I N E S


Please send the submission package files to, with the email subject heading of "Three shadows exhibition project  contribution".

The package files include :works statement,artist introduction,sample pictures(Within 20 photos, each picture can't be larger than 5M) or videos(each video should be MP4 and not larger than 200M  )


The exhibition department will  be in charge of the initial selection ,and will reply the contributors in two weeks.The selected artists are require to cover some expenses for the exhibition .Three Shadows would be responsible for exhibiting, maintenance work,moving-out, design and production of materials  and distribution,promotion and the execution of opening ceremony as well as accommodation.



S P A C E   I N T R O D U C T I O N


Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre is situated in Jimei new town of Xiamen with exhibition spaces,a vast library of photography,image production facilities,an educational program,a professional darkroom,an art store and a cafe.Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre had successfully held  Jimei×Arles International Photography Festival for five years as well as other artists'exhibition including the solo exhibition of Daido Moriyama, Nobuyushi Araki,Mika Ninagawa,Shoji Ueda since our completion  in 205.


The second exhibition space of Three Shadows Xiamen space, with an area of about 120 square meters,having held solo exhibitions by photographer Rene boule,Joel Meyerowitz,Tseng miin-shyong,Ran Lin,Lujia Wang,li Sun, Chenyang Zhu,Qi An and other artists.



Q  &  A 


Must it be a solo exhibition?

Solo exhibition and joint exhibition Are welcomed. We also welcome contributions from curators and art institutions.


What kind of support will three shadows provide?

Will provide with an exhibition space of approximately 130 square meters .There will be professional teams assisting the selected artists in curation ,execution,exhibition arrangement, output and mounting. Relevant matters like opening ceremony,publicity and promoting from Three shadow platforms  and media both at home and abroad will be provided.We will also arrange accommodation for the artists.

During the exhibition, Three Shadows gallery will sell the works on behalf of the exhibition. Relevant Album will also be sold in the art store we own.


How much should I pay for an exhibition?

The selected work exhibition In this project requires the artist to undertake a certain amount of fees to complete the project .The specific cost and other information will be explained in the email of acceptance.

And we encourage artists to seek Brand sponsorship or apply for a grant from school,government or art foundation to reduce burdens.


What are the details of contributions?

whether the quantity and quality of the works can support the integrality of the exhibition will be taken into consideration. Due to this, we suggest that apart from the works statement ,artist introduction and sample picture ,Artist also prepare a Portfolio containing your series works and crucial experiences so that we can know your train of thought and of context of creation clearly. You may enclose image materials of relevant exhibition or curatorial idea about the exhibition if there is any.


What if I have more questions?

Please send your questions to,We will reply your email within 3 workdays.