Searching for Shangri-La

15 September - 15 November 2016

Host: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Producer: National Geographic Magazine


In Searching for Shangri-la artist and explorer Laurence Brahm adopts the multimedia installation in order to ask: What is Shangri-la, and where could it possibly be located?


The exhibition carries the visitor on a journey of questions that goes from the realm of the physical to the conscious and then subconscious, using a series of interactive displays presented as installation art.


The source materials for the artistic work derive from drawings, video and photo documentation captured during three Searching for Shangri-la expeditions that were conducted duringthe first decade of the 21st Century, searching for the lost kingdom of Shangri-la. While the explorations succeeded in revealing that the origin of Shangri-la is myth, the exhibition as installation art carries the audience as participants along this incredible journey, in the end unlocking the mysteries of Shangri-la in their own subconscious.






Laurence Brahm is an international crisis mediation lawyer and developmental economist. His concerns over climate disruption and impending global water crisis led him to launch the Searching for Shangri-la Expeditions Project at the beginning of this century. He has lived in China for over three decades, having served as senior advisor to China's Ministry of Environmental Protection, and as economic and financial reform advisor to China and other Asian nations, authoring over thirty books on these subjects. He is the founder ofthe Himalayan Consensus Institute.