Deviant Cycle: Photographs by Brendan Linane

15 - 24 October 2011

"The images are a selection of results from an on-going and deeply involved project. Using the photographic process to step into an accessible abstraction, ‘objects’ emerge from dark backgrounds as I enter an imaginary realm, an alternative perception of the world; an insightful dimension of darkness, colour and form. Extraneous elements are stripped away and the viewer is invited to relearn how to see and to appreciate what is, unfortunately, so often overlooked or undervalued. A primal energy in an overall cohesive visual effect, forming something that has a suggestive, slightly sinister, and almost human feeling to it, and is always derived from discovered or found sources on any urban roadside. These images are as much about what is outside the rectangle as what is within, and hopefully, will summon an intuitive reaction."                                                                                                                        -Brendan A. Linane