The Counter-Compass of Art

23 September - 23 October 2022 Beijing

「 The Counter-Compass of Art 

The Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is pleased to present the exhibition: The Counter-Compass of Art. This exhibition will be on display from 23rd September to 23th October in 3.0 Space. Curated by Yanru Li, the show features nearly 30 artworks from three different artists: An Qi, Tianchang Wu, and Wan Hao. It starts a dialogue from different visual approaches like photography, visual installations, videos, and paintings to further the discussion on the creative journey of young artists.
The exhibition consists of three different sections: FreezeDeform and Rebuild. Together they present the artistic journey of the creative process. The first section Freeze is consisted of photographs taken on film by Wan Hao during his time studying in Florence, Italy. He used image as a tool to search for a forthright narrative of the local complex among the collision of culture and racial barriers. Meanwhile, he exposed the interactional and mutual restraint between individual and community culture. 
The second section Deform will showcase different forms of artworks from photography, visual installations and videos from An Qi. The exhibition will present some of his works from his photography serie named Confluence of Canon, a project he’s been working on for ten years. His creativity sets off from where we were and discussed the conditions of matters in the process of forming and deforming. In this process, different forms of matter intertwine with each other and never stops. Which reminded his of the melody of Canon. Music always seems mysterious. It comes before language in terms of breaking the classes and culture differences. It allows everything to evolved from nihility and finishes in the nihility of the unknown. 
The third section Rebuild spotlights works such as Language of Flowers》《Exit》《Moments and other paintings from the artists Tianchang Wu. His inspiration comes from Venus, the Roman goddess whose function encompasses beauty. Tianchang believes sensation is like woman. He is good at using the simplest way to trace the outline of a female body. He believes that body is like a container of souls. Different containers contains different kinds of souls. Colors are like the blood streams that flow in the veins. As Tianchang is rebuilding the form of human body, he aims to emphasize the creator’s own reflection and self awareness, thus yearn for the pure state of mind. 
The Counter-Compass of Artuses artists’ self-journey as the thread running through the discussion among three artists from different backgrounds to start a dialogue on culture, class, and race. It starts from the questions raised from the observation. It attempts to solve the problems. In the end, the discussion returns to itself and mediates on the original motive of creativity.