Che Fotógrafo

8 September - 10 October 2012

Special Guest Curator: Camilo Guevara

Producers: Geovany Gonzalez & Alejandro Bauza


The iconic Guerrillero Heroico by Alberto Korda has been so widely reproduced and disseminated since its creation in 1960 that some have labeled the symbolic image of Che Guevara as 'the most famous photo in the world' This exhibition turns the tables and places the camera back in the hands of the subject of this ubiquitous, popular image. The exhibition aims to share the artistic achievements of Ernesto "Che" Guevara (1928-1967) with the Chinese public. Che is already one of the most widely known public heroes of recent history, however few know of him as an intellectual, artist, and adept photographer. Through this presentation of his photographs, personal effects, video interviews, and related reference materials, the exhibition sheds light on the humanist inclinations and aesthetic sensibilities of this world-renowned revolutionary.


The subjects featured in his photographs are both poignant and personal, ranging from portraiture of family and friends to documentation of his extensive travels around Latin America as a young man. All the works portray a powerful eye and keen sense of composition, providing expressive glimpses of both his personal and public histories.

The exhibition consists of 232 photographs, both black & white and color. In addition, the exhibition presents an extensive audio-visual component, featuring interviews with those who spent time with Che and witnessed his passion for photography, as well as experts from various artistic fields. will be presented.Shown togather, there elements serve to solidify Che`s role as a photographer and provide greater historical context for the striking visual imagery of his photographs. Since 1990, the "Che Fotógrafo" exhibition has been presented worldwide in 16 cities across 13 countries, including Cuba, Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Greece and Venezuela. Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is proud to host the premiere of this truly global travelling exhibition in China, and Asia as a whole.