Waistline of The Sirens

13 - 31 August 2022
「Waistline of The Sirens」

As the first exhibition of my integrated project
Acousma, Waistline of The Sirensis fortunately to take her snap at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre. Waistline of The Sirensinspired by P.T.Barnum— —a performance planner and activist from 19th century. His specimen work Fiji mermaid will become the starting point of this exhibition, to try to induce a series imagination, reflection and discussion among Theatre Arts, Pictorial Arts and many other subjects.  
Barnum is famous for his entertaining-oriented, commercialized, immoralcircus performance and freak show. I think the mixed reception practice of Barnum is the excellent research object of anthropology, sociology, psychology and communication arts, and the important part which is marginalized by histories of modern theatre and exhibition. And in Barnums work(associated with Georges Méliès, Nikola Tesla etc.)those interlayer of humanity between virtual and reality, technology and body, rational and irrational, bewilderedness and terrors, we can see echoes in many contemporary field, to find the psychological archetype of the contradiction among our environment.
I divide this exhibition into four units, each unit began in a vocabulary that shared by Theatre, photography and cinematography, I will infuse my understanding of Theatre as a total art. This time as the exhibition author, I would like to scheme/invite/create/perform personally, to seam and string different subject, medium, material and text, to forge eight groups of different yet intertextual, research-based also gameplay-liked creation.
I regard the site of exhibition as a very important scene, so I would spend my effort to create rich-fulness somatosensory experience in exhibition, try to explore how space-body-psychology-spirit influence each other during the production of exhibition and single art pieces. And as the respond to P.T.Barnum, I would also put the hidden structure of circus performance and freak show, and its feature of event-ness and publicity into the framework of the exhibition. Due to this event take place in Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, so I intend to not taking any photograph by my own hand, but using different tools as external force to cut in the field of photography, to try exploring the double edges of theatre, photography and cinematography, invite friends to join my work, to construct a semi-centralized communication field.
I believe that the charming song of Siren, can induced by the sound of glossary and energies clash together in this exhibition.