Invisible Shadow

30 July - 7 August 2022 Beijing

This exhibition aims to explore the meaning of and relationship between subjective perception and objective existence of things we encounter in life. Under a change of senses, environment and social intervention, the perceptive meaning of things will also change subjectively. The disparity between perception and objective representation leads us to question the authenticity of our experience. This provides an opportunity for the audience to explore their internal world and thoughts. The internal dialogue between “conscious” experience and “representation” begins.


We can easily sense the existence of the light and it’s change. However, when it reflects to its surroundings, do we always ignore the shadow that follows behind the light? Can a shadow be an individual? Can it prove our existence? Invisible Shadow is born from the complex interrelationship between light and shadows, focusing on said relation and the differences hidden behind the two. Hence, we have to question the “authenticity”.

How is existence perceived and acknowledged, and how do we unknowingly move from one state, physical or mental, to another. Within this conundrum we then must ask, what constitutes a real experience?


Invisible Shadow aims at opening the audiences’ senses, trying to inspire people to rediscover details often neglected in life by thinking through this dichotomy.  When both reality and imagination exists, how do we let go of the certainties, subjectivity and abstract individual feelings to perceive the whole? Invisible Shadow is a hint and nudge.