Dongsi and Somewhere Outside Dongsi

16 - 25 July 2022 Beijing
Artist DONGSI(Zheng Zhao)'s personal project DONGSI AND SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE DONGSI will be exhibited in Three Shadows Photography Art Centre 3.0 space from July 16, 2022. The exhibition curated by Curator Xie Tian. It will include nearly 20 artworks exploring the topic of self-identity.

Dongsi is the name of the place.
Dongsi is the name of the person.
Dongsi is art.
Dongsi is poetry.
Dongsi is philosophy.
Dongsi is the filler to the spiritual trauma.
"I am always afraid that I will become a shortsighted person". It is like after earning enough money, even through the hardest work and countless compromises, to go to the faraway fields with poems and all wonderful things, I find that the poet is dead and the fields are already barren; Artists are always paranoid and fervent in their moth-like pursuit of what they love. Susan Sontag sees photography as a window to the outside world, or a new world within the physical frame, which we can be allowed to the wider spiritual world outside.


As signals and medium, artworks awake people's mind sensory, and grab the artists by enough sense of value and satisfaction. Artist feels she is very lucky many times, because she found what she really loves and has passion with. Art can help her to offset the huge loneliness of individual. Nietzsche makes aestheticism aesthetics to a kind of essence, Heidegger asks the existence of people from aesthetic, Foucault also believes that "I" is hidden in the process of exploring, instead of I as a single object.


"Here I am, Dongsi. I use DONGSI to explore my own existence and a larger dimension beyond me."