Suspension : 2022 The Third Three Shadows Photography Workshop Alumni Exhibition

26 March - 5 April 2022 Beijing

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre presents "Suspension: 2022 (3rd) Three Shadows Workshop Alumni Exhibition" at 3.0space.


As one of the main departments, the Three Shadows Education Program has been responsible for the functions of academic research, knowledge dissemination and talent cultivation since its launch in 2012, regarding photography as a broad and independent art form. The influential contemporary photography education curriculum system inspires and explores a new generation of creators with ideals and potential.

In this exhibition, we will focus on 4 young practitioners who will study abroad. After several months of photography study and experience, they took on thought process of contemporary creation, adopted self-inspected intelligent strategies and regarded themselves as little hummingbirds, which must constantly vibrate its wings with a high frequency and "suspend" in the air. Such gestures are sometimes extremely gloomy and dazed, but in this ambiguous situation, they repeatedly place themselves between the bystander and the intervener, challenging the reality in different ways.

The self-portraits under Fu Yu's lens play different female roles, the combination of materials and images triggers a new "identity symbol" thinking place; in order to escape the chaos of life and find the true state of self-existence, Liu Kangrui has been driving for three years.


Nearly 150,000 kilometers, walking on an endless road; Wang Aiyu, who has a background in automation, pays attention to the life technology and ethical philosophy of the modern age, reconstructing the future of biology and human nature through photography and handmade books;


When individuals face the fear of disease and death, Joy's work connects 300,000 drug capsules with images and performance to question modern life: "Are people taking medicine or is medicine eating people?"

The world is becoming more and more imperceptible and only art can lift us from the cold winter night, resisting loss and forgetting the past. The Three Shadows Education Program has accompanied and witnessed its growth along the way, thus hopes to provide a platform for practitioners on the road of artistic exploration to display and collide with ideas through this meaningful exhibition project.