Nordox Photo Exhibition

20 - 30 October 2012

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and the 7th edition of Nordox Nordic Documentary Film Festival jointly present the Nordox Photo Exhibition. This exhibition brings together the works of nine news photographers who are currently active in various Scandinavian countries. The photographers are zealous about the medium of photography, reporting on those unique moments in an ever-changing world. The works in this exhibition include pictures the photographers took in Egypt, Billiat, Afghanistan and Syria, which have all been published in major media outlets all over the world. By examining these stories, we may understand the moment in which news photographers are entrapped in critical circumstances, witnessing these circumstances with their own eyes, and through observation delivering reports to the world, thus intervening and promoting societal change.


This exhibition’s participating photographers include

Mads Nissen (Denmark), Jonathan Bjerg Møller (Denmark), Espen Rasmussen (Norway), Johnny Haglund (Norway), Elin Høyland (Norway), Pieter Ten Hoopen (Sweden), Martin Von Krogh (Sweden), Anders Hansson (Sweden), Johan Persson (Sweden), and Magnus Lauopa (Sweden).