A Myriad of Rooms

6 - 30 November 2021

A Myriad of Rooms 

Curator: Zhang Shiyu/Mirror Project

Participating artists: Chen Ziqiu、Dawayangjing、Li Yilin、Liu Sidian、Lv Xiaohe、Soojo Lee、Wang Zixi、Zhu Baolei、Zhu Xiwen

Duration: 2021.11.6- 2021.11.30 (Closed on Monday)

Venue: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre 3.0 space(155A, Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing) 

Organizer: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Mirror Project


A Myriad of Rooms


People tend to notice the grand narrative of history, while individual memories and private narratives tend to be swallowed up and ignored by the passage of time. Similarly, when we generally recognize women, women also present an abstract perception. However, when we walk into each of the figurative women, they incarnate into countless unique tiny fragments, and organically linked into a diversified and rich ecology, while growing inside and outside. 
Virginia Woolf once fought for a "room" for women, which "represents a spiritual space for women's self-examination and self-identity: it is a condensed picture of women's existence, a symbol of their private sphere." "Room" is a spiritual dwelling for women to deal with their unique experience, as well as a metaphor and fantasy about the emotional world. "Room" gives women a sense of security and belonging, where they release their real selves and vent their inner sensitivity. 
The way to interpret women is no longer just "one" holistic female perspective. Perhaps another way we treat women is to gaze at "myriad" fragmented private perspectives, to enter each concrete but endless "room" composed of private spheres: These narratives, including micro daily narration and macro concept description, countless women or in the intimate relationship to constantly explore the trial, or into nature to feel the most essential life experience.
In this exhibition, we will bring the works of the female photography artists shortlisted for the first Women in The Mirror Photography Competition. By presenting these "rooms" up close, we hope that the audience can feel that the narration and expression of the female experience, which once seemed remote and hidden, is actually close to everyone and endlessly extended in the small life.