Yu Ruojie Solo Exhibition: Lying Flowers

2 - 30 October 2021 Beijing

Yu Ruojie Solo Exhibition: Lying Flowers


Artist/Curator:Yu Ruojie

Organizer: Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre

Duration: Oct 02, 2021– Oct 30, 2021

Venue: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre 3.0 space

(155A, Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing)



About Yu Ruojie

Artist / Writer

The artist  Ruojie Yu uses a multitude of mediums to display her creativity. Excelling in directions of photography, imaging,installation,painting, text and comprehensive materials.

The visual art project "Photo without Photoshop" aims to explore the possibility of creating a surreal photograph styled with unique and fictional visual effects. Transforming our world to that of a fictional by constructing a photographic scene aided by lens, framing and visual techniques to stylize without the use of digital photo editing. Using lens language to present fictional visual novels, to explore the perception and individual consciousness of existence in infinite light and shadow.



One day I recorded this little poem in a memo:


What is a reminder of the maybe of life?

Maybe joy

Maybe pain

There is no flower in the land

Maybe in the new air


As I walked through some of the nodes of life, I realized that the way I viewed the world had changed, and blurred behavior and symbolic consciousness became my new way of looking at the world, a process of self-avoidance and reconstruction. The unfocused unknown moment, the light and shadow kneaded into reality, blurred the edge to live, fixed uncertain surreal. Light and dark ups and downs, curve wraps, pour poetry, lost in self-built lies, to respond to a free space.


Hope that "I" disappeared in the works and words, emotions hidden in the air, let the color flowing in space to lie, rationalize the world's gorgeous, say a possible lie.