The Law of Alchemy: Philosopher's Stone and The Four Elements

21 August - 11 September 2021 Beijing
The exhibition is divided into four chapters: “The Ritual of Soil", "Aura", “The Arsonist's Fallacy" and "Water", which respectively correspond to the four alchemy elements of soil, air, fire and water. The exhibition aims to unify the imagination of knowledge and material through curation and art projects, and arouse people's intuition of the current state of material and life.
Soil is the most stable element of alchemy and is passive, requiring an external power to shape it. It has the simplest state and natural surface, heavy and rough, where wind, weather and corrosion can leave their marks; Aura is the spiritual quality derived from the essence energy of human body. Aura given to the work is generated by the artist's current mood, attitude, and energy. Thus the artworks have their specialty and cannot be copied; Fire is the friction of matter and substance, but also the sublimation of spirit and soul. Fire is closely related to the instinct of life, and also presents the illusion of material and imagination, spirit and body. Fire has a spiritual force, a store of light, anger, life, destruction, love, lust, semen, etc., which will flow out eventually; Water is like a dream, there is no fixed form, with the changes of the outside world and change, water is invisible without phase, but also tangible phase. Water is not only discrete, but also the carrier of images and the origin of images. Water tells the true meaning of the world.
As an early cosmology of human civilization, alchemy incorporate philosophical thoughts, religious metaphors, and mysticism into alchemical principles to transform base metals into gold or seek eternal life through death, resurrection, and perfection. By virtue of the law of alchemy, the artists in this exhibition transcend the material, take art as the philosopher's stone, and express the spiritual meaning outside the transcendent image through the deconstruction and reorganization of the finite and infinite space-time relations of various elements.