The Village of Nowhere

1 - 8 June 2021 Beijing



 "The Village of Nowhere" is a concept that drives from Wandering Beyond, Zhuangzi. It is used to refer to a spiritual realm, reflecting the attitude towards the world.


Nowadays, the meaning of image has been weakened and tampered with the development of the Internet and flood of pictures, subsequently fleeting in time. Xiangyue has experienced and witnessed the current stream of changing periods as an online youth photography community. In this exhibition, with the young artists re-observation and re-interpretation, it discusses the diversity of youth visual culture in the transmission of images with different motivation, embodying the new definition of the photographic medium in the context of network image under the contemporary background. Plus the photographers and the identity of the image itself, along with the inner meaning and expression extension of the youth photographers. 


This exhibition regards space as the realm of unity, which is woven with different motives and expressions. As a universal language and the middle section of the creation, photography is a virtual meeting point in the space, conveying beliefs, exchanging emotions, and accommodating infinite possibilities of expression.


In this unity, photography is a sincere observer and collector, witness of events, a link between the inside and the outside, the metaphor or haiku, forming a closed loop of synesthesia and the supporter of memory and perception.


Text by Ding Ding


Exhibition Events

*Free to participate with PhoPho Fair's tickets



Photo Addiction Activity -- What We Have Been Doing Since We Started Taking Photography


14:00-15:00 5th June, 2021

Hosts: Xiao Zhong (Co-Founder of XIANGYUE), Ding Ding (Chief Editor of XIANGYUE)

Guests: 0026, Huang Peishan, Wang Jiawei, Wang Dongdong, Xu Piao,Xu Zhan


Guided Tour


15:00-15:30 5th June, 2021

 Hosts: Ding Ding, Huang Peishan