Whirling: 2021 Three Shadows 2nd Workshop Alumni Exhibition

1 - 13 May 2021 Beijing

Whirling: 2021 Three Shadows 2nd Workshop Alumni Exhibition


Opening: 1st May, 2021
(the exhibition is free on opening day)


Duration: 1st May 2021 - 13th May 2021
Location: 155A Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Organizer: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre
Artists: Gao Xinmeng, Li Xinxi, Sun Xiaoshan, Sun Yingxin, Zhang Jiangxin


Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is honored to present "Whirling: 2021 Three Shadows 2nd Workshop Alumni Exhibition" in the 3.0 space. As one of the central departments, Three Shadows Education Program has been responsible for academic research, knowledge dissemination, and talent cultivation since its launch in 2012. With the five core education modules, including the master workshop, classical craft course, overseas study, youth and online photography education, we are committed to promoting pioneer growth for Chinese contemporary art of photography.


This exhibition focuses on five young potantial creators. During the seven month workshop programme, the Three Shadows Education Department has mentored and witnessed their growth, chosen methodologies of personal exploration and how they perceived the world step by step through the art of photography. During the Post-Covid era, they resolutely go against the current situation, tracing back to the past and staying true to their original inspirations, struggling with the absurdity in the world and moving forward with their passion. They challenge the authenticity of photography and creating images between data and imagination. They reflect the influence of popular Internet culture on female selfies. They practice their artistic creation cross-media , thinking and criticizing the materialized presentation of photography in the form of life.


Three Shadows Education Program, through this exhibition, provides a platform and opportunity for creative young photographers to present themselves. In the 3.0 space exhibition hall, the works whisper like a silent collision, exchanging voices about the world and themselves.



Opening Events



Guided Tour


Lecture Salon

"2021, When we are discussing 'identity', what are we talking about"

Guest: Zhou Yichen (Portfolio Review Tutor)
Host: Jiawen (Public Education Director of Three Shadows , 3.0space Manager )