2020 UNBOUNDED Group Exhibition

8 - 20 September 2020 Xiamen

Organizer: Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre

Duration:  Sept 8, 2020 – Sept 20, 2020

Opening WeekSept 12-13

Venue: No. 301, Building 2, Xinglinwan Business Center, Jimei District, Xiamen


UNBOUNDED Group Exhibition 2020 is the first open call for the group exhibition of the UNBOUNDED project initiated by Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre. This is the first open call launched by Three Shadows Xiamen for UNBOUNDED Group Exhibition. After comprehensive reviews and discussions, 24 artists were selected for this exhibition, they are (in alphabetical order of surnames): Chen Ruofan, Cheng Yanfeng, Feng Lingrui, Guan Yinlin, Guo Yang, Huang Shuping, Huang Xuanyang, Karu Shao, Li Shuwen, Liu Qiaosai, Mo Rujie, Heiharu Qiu, Ren Lingfei, Ren Xinlan, Ren Zhengnan, Song Ci, Su Jingchao, Rachel Wang, Wei Wei, Xia Chengan, Xin Tian, Yu Ruojie, Bruno Zhang, Zhou Jiawei.


This exhibition will present a multi-media art scene. The types of works exhibited include photography, video, installation, painting, etc. There are not only conceptual works that emphasize conceptual art, but also images and videos that emphasize the visual language.


Since its establishment in 2018 initiated by Three Shadows Photography Art Centre Xiamen, the UNBOUNDED project holds 8-10 solo exhibitions of different artists every year. In this project so far 16 solo exhibitions delivered by 16 artists have been presented systematically. The first group exhibition, UNBOUNDED Group Exhibition 2020, will be launched in the coming September 2020. “UNBOUNDED” is intended to break boundaries. The medium of photography exists within the framework of multiple discourses, and therefore, there exists necessarily more than one standard for defining good works. A sense of professionalism and diversity of artworks are both aimed to be maintained with persistence in the UNBOUNDED project.


UNBOUNDED is not only an exhibition project. It also hopes to promote an artistic exchange platform that emphasizes both exploration and thinking. Therefore, in addition to presenting works in a specific space, it also provides an area for the interaction between the audience and artworks. During the UNBOUNDED Art Week, there will be many activities center on the exhibition, trying to let different perspectives and experiences flow, and looking forward to a continuous output in the future delivered by the artists. The UNBOUNDED project has no clear boundaries or classification. As a young project, it will grow up with the artist and will also upgrade and evolve in continuous promotion in order to seek more possibilities in the future.