Narrator: The First Three Shadows Workshop Alumni Exhibition

22 April - 5 May 2020 Beijing

Organiser: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Project Executive:Hu Jiawen,  Ma Xinyi

Duration:  2020.4.22 - 2020.5.5




Chen Qiushi, Fang Yuanli, Gao Yang, Li Ge, Lin Jian, Li Junheng, Lu Yemeng, Pan Jie, Wang Shilei, Wang Ting, Tang Zhen, Yu Ruojie, Zhang Shiyu, Zhang Shunan, Zhang Yuting


There is no doubt that the 21st century is one that emphasizes the individual spirit. Artists’ thinking and their expression of their life, their self, and their society may, however, transcend their personal imagination and explain what we all have in common, living together in this shared era. The Three Shadows Education Program is honored to present the work of 15 young photographers – all past participants in our courses – who we believe meet this standard and capture vibrant collisions of past, present, and future. 


The exhibition is divided into three parts, grouping artists in accordance with their practice: “Artificial Landscape.”    “Gazing Landscape,” and“Family and Memory” It also includes video works. Three Shadows believes all these artists share the idea that “to photograph” and “to feel” are interdependent, and that image and text may each act as narration. 


“Artificial Landscape” adds a layer of self-awareness, including work that breaks from the traditional visual idea of a “landscape” and treats it as something much more layered and fluid. “Gazing Landscapes” shows how different inner perspectives lead to divergent visions of the outer world.  “Family and Memory” highlights artists who focus on the impact of memory on the present – its ongoing influence.


Five years have been passed since the launch of the Three Shadows Education Program in 2014, and it has continued to offer contemporary photo education to a wider and wider audience. This exhibition marks the first time that Three Shadows is exhibiting the works of its students, and we hope that through this meaningful project, we provide a platform for our outstanding alumni that will give others the courage to explore and to continue to learn.