About the Artist


Born in 1985 in Hunan Province, he currently lives and works in Changsha, Hunan Province.


Selected Exhibitions:




Opening Exhibition, Longshore Art Space,Qingdao, China

Young Artists Exhibition, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi Province, China.
Annual Nationwide Innovative Photography Exhibition, EIZO Cup for Chinese Photography




Harbin Higher Education Photography Exhibition, Harbin, China Shenyang International Photography Festival MAX08 Music and Art Expo, REDSTAR Cultural Media Company




Second Annual Lv Xiao Cartoon Art Exhibition, Star Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing,China







An Expectation or a New Miracle is my series related to memory and yearning for the future. Many things from my memory appear in these works; these things are from scenes that I remember. The works are all on a line, like aplatform for my feelings, where wild weedsand modern things overlap, uncovering some tiny specks of hope in a sad situation. All of this emerges from the shadows – shadows can be seen, but the thing itself cannot, as if it were the principle of time. It is like the reverse image of yourself in water, which allows you to examine yourself in the mist. Slight sadness is an absolutely necessary attitude towards past memories. Desolate lands will forever be full of both focused and distant thoughts, andhere we perform and play at life. The transitorythings of childhood are all that we hope to make happen but cannot attain today. When our consciousness floats from the present back tothe past and our experiences are stalled today, then, the impulse to return to the past is alsoa longing search for happiness. The power ofthis hope is my motivation to create, thus, mycreative goals today. In my memory, he / she /they are becoming increasingly important. They are not symbols, they are hope!