About the artist


Born in 1973, currently lives and works in Beijing, China.


2010 In Heaven or On Earth, solo Exhibition organized by Caijing

2008 Cheer up China and Blog United Community, Ping Yao International Photography Festival Group Show hosted by SouHu website.

Conversation, 2008, Image China, Group Show in Inter Art Gallery

2007  Xie Ying or Xie Yi, Personal Exhibition in Chinese Art Museum

2005 Crash & Blending, Ping Yao International Photography Festival Group Show

2002 Building City, Shanghai International Biennale Student Exhibition Area








The Tulip in the Clouds


When you are waiting in an airport terminal and you see a group of stewardesses walk by, dressed neatly and in step with one another, you probably decide to enjoy the sight. When you see

photographs of pretty stewardesses featured in advertisements, you will praise their beauty. But are you really curious to know about the daily lives of these beautiful young girls? Do you wish to

understand them? 


I have served as one among the ranks of stewardesses for already more than ten years.

I liked painting since I was small, so my work and art became inextricably connected, andI taught myself fashion design while I was working. Due to a chance encounter, I came under the spell of photography’s unique charm, and ended up attending the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Art for two years to major in photography and digital media. 


After I completed my studies at the art academy I resumed my job with the airline in order to immerse myself again in its community. I started again as a stewardess and the only difference was that I now had my camera on hand at all times: while serving passengers in the cabin, while chatting with colleagues in the dormitory, at my colleague’s wedding, at parties, and even while I hung out with friends and went shopping. I always had my camera with me, ready at all times to record a moment.


Through ten years of working and loving my job, I focused my lens on my colleagues, and only in this way was I able to understand such a mysterious community. Only through my lens was I able to look closely at these beautiful girls without alarming them, and only in front of my lens were they able to relax and act natural. I used my camera to record the lives of my “sisters” and moments

on the job to allow you, the viewer, a chance to see the hard work and reality behind the beauty. I consider this my responsibility. After all there aren’t that many people who can bridge the gap

between stewardess and photographer.


I want to use my images to pluck the veil of mystery off the life of a stewardess, so that you can understand us more, and hope that you will lend your new understanding and support to the stewardesses on your next flight. Please don’t rush to lose your temper at us because of a delay or small inconvenience.