Fan Ranran born in 1988, graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) in 2011, Bachelor of Science, Applied Biology. Graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2013, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography, Merit Scholarship Recipient.


2017 Portraits 2017 Exhibition, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, USA.
2016 I’m Also on My Way to A Dream, China Non-governmental Aid Education Foundation, Shenzhen, Guangdong.
2014 GRIT: The Urban Landscape, Copley Society of Art, Boston, USA.
2014 9th Annual Juried Photography Exhibit, Morpho Gallery, Chicago, USA.
2013 Fall 2013 Undergraduate Exhibition, Sullivan Gallery, SAIC, Chicago, USA.
2012 First Look at a Long Time, Johalla Projects, Chicago, USA.
2012 Mapping, Chinese-American Museum, Chicago, USA.
2009 Destinations, Hill Country Arts Foundation, Ingram, USA.
2009 International Student Photography Competition, Texas Photographic Society, USA.


2016 Curator for the Group exhibition: “I’m Also On My Way to A Dream”, China Non-governmental Aid Education Foundation, Shenzhen, Guangdong.





Life with Solutions series

I want to express my opinions without paranoia about dreadful consequences. I make work to empower myself against fear, which is induced from the manipulations of society. I wonder where these manipulations come from. In the ongoing project Life with Solutions , each work finds the most effective strategy to address one of my daily issues, such as living under surveillance and being judged as a "leftover" or unmarried woman. By devising these strategies through my art, I can trace the manipulations that create these problems and question the value system that embedded them.

I make functional objects, then photograph or videotape the installations for the final presentation. The reality that is presented through photography is based on facts, but it is not restricted by what is possible in the real world. In this way, the photographs or videos can construct a vision of the ideal solution.

As the extension of the human body, a private becomes the only safe space where I can exercise my right of free expression. In addition, since exercising one's rights could violate that of others, it's necessary to consider to what extent an individual should sacrifice his or her rights for the benefit of others. In the video "Debt", I intervened with another person's dilemma by turning it into my own commitment. By rationalizing this decision, I aim to establish basic rules for deciding where to draw a line between other people's needs and my obligations.