Di Jinjun was born in Shanxi Province in 1978. He graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and received a bachelor's degree in photography in 2003. In 2017, he graduated from the Department of Photography of the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree. He has worked for the magazine Life and currently works for Beijing News as photographer and picture editor. He is first photographer to use the collodion wet plate technique in mainland China. His awards include:


Top20 in 2013, China Contemporary New Photographer; 2013 PDN (Photo District News), Photo Annual Personal Award; 2012 Asian Pioneer Photographer Development Plan (APPF) Silver Medal; 2010 French Photography Talent Fund; Champion of China Portrait. His works are held in the collection of the CAFA Art Museum and different personal collections.


He currently lives and works in Beijing.








Memories of China series


Searching for what China once was, toggling between imitation and pretension. Using ancient poetry, the image remains tangled and tied up in language. Many different early photographic processes and materials are applied here to explore the effects of different time periods on the presentation of images.


Exploring the relationship between timeliness, shooting style, viewing mode, and our modern visual context, this work also looks at how our former masters help us glimpse our present ordinariness.