about the artist


Liangxiu is 22 years old and comes from Shandong. She started to earn her living after dropping out of school in 2007. She was engaged in photography in May this year. In her opinion, being is truth, that is, every life style and every groups, which don’t interfere the others, shouldn’t be rejected. So, what she desire to do, is to deliver those thoughts by her photos.





about the work


The eyes always gaze at one point, the emotion easily goes after main stream, the social intercourse is just the voice of main groups , and the attention only be paid to the glorious things. Marginalization means being abandoned. Everyone try their best to making them in the range of the criteria, and crack down on the people who are beyond the range of the criteria, without admitting their own drawback. I grow up in the marginalized environment, even though I was the sufferer of it, that I am the spokesman of it now. That pursuing light by present darkness is my hope. We enjoy the happiness in life, and accept the torment in life simultaneously. There always is shadows under the Sun.