About the artist


Li Jun was born in 1977 in Chongqing. He currently lives and works in Chengdu.


2000 Graduated from the College of Literature and Journalism at Chongqing Normal Univeristy.

2006 Worked at the Photography and Digital Media Studio at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.  






About the work 


All of these are common items, such as watches, sandals, kitchen knives, electrical cords, headphones, flower vases,  scissors, sunglasses, cutting boards, spatulas, beer bottles, bowls, chopsticks, toothpaste, remote controls, pills, coat hangers, frames, CDs, and Bibles. But these familiar items are not physical presences. They are lines defined by dust; they are voids or hollows. Because we cannot see these specific items, we can only imagine the items that were relationship with our skin, diet, or vision. We do not need to explore the methods, but we should know that this photographer took nearly a year to carefully arrange these items in a seled room of his house. In this process, we can imaging something rather like a combination of performance as installation art. Then, everything is removed. We have seen all kinds of clever artistic tricks, but we very seldom see someone control dust. Many people want to express the traces in our lives, but few have tackled the accumulation of dust as an expressive photographic process. By proceeding from the outside in, the photographer has correctly and successfully reached the essence of life. Here, he photographs things that very few photographers undertake.