About the Artist


Zhang Jin was born in 1978. He currently lives and works in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China.
2011 Whispers, Dali International Photography Festival, Dali, China
2009 Parallel Translation, Chengdu, China
2007 Intimate Distance, Qart Gallery, NYC, USA






About the work


I need to walk alone along the eastern section of the ancient Silk Road, from Chang’an to Yangguan. Not only because it was Buddhism’s in-road to China, but also because of my enthusiasm for the grand desert and a chance to encounter an unknown landscape. Here there is silence, with springs in the woods and mist. There are traces from ancient civilizations, and explorations fit for a seer. There is also nature and life, which continue to exist everywhere regardless of the changes in dynasty or nation over time, with strength born from basic instinct. Season after season, it runs its cyclical course. Like a pilgrim, I position myself in the landscape, villages, and temples, to explore the spirituality of the inner self, to embrace ineffable adventures, and to revisit various accounts of the Silk Road found in classical records. I try as much as possible to remove traces of time and history from my photographs. I hope to place current time at a distance, in order to let the photograph connect with the past of the ancient Silk Road and its future.