Exhibition Opening&Winners Announcement

 Although Wang Tuo’s work registers as a video, it’s composed of static photos stitched together frame-by-frame. The concepts he tackles go beyond the stories of the two or three people in the work, touching on issues everyone in the world needs to pay attention to.


On March 24, the winners of the 10th Three Shadows Photography Award were announced. The Three Shadows Photography Award went to Wang Tuo, Fan Ranran received the Shiseido Photographer Award, and Chen Ronghui was chosen for the ALPA Award.


This year’s jury member Fumio Nanjo announced the winner of the TSPA and shared his views on Wang Tuo's works. He invited every member of the audience to return once more to the exhibition hall after the ceremony in order to reflect on the issues Wang Tuo raises.


The international judges each shared their selection process and thoughts on the exhibited works.


Clément Chéroux


During the judging process, the works of these 20 artists impressed me deeply. It was an experience of the amount of fresh energy displayed by young photographers in China. I think having an institution like Three Shadows is an extremely fortunate thing for Beijing and for China. The yard, the bookstore, the entire environment – it feels delightful.



Fumio Nanjo


The selection process was fierce. After four or five rounds of quarrels and voting, we reached a final decision about the single winner. But each artist's work is very good, and your work has also opened up new horizons for us. Those who have not won the award should not lose your courage -- your works have opened up and expanded the meaning of photography as a media in Chinese society.



Sam Stourdzé


I sincerely congratulate all the artists. I found myself surprised by all your work. We didn’t just focus on one medium for photography, nor on a documentary approach or a conceptual approach. We let all the possibilities of photography happen in one space at the same time. Also, it is very important for the artist to stand in front of his own work, communicating directly instead of sending their photos to the judges I am very grateful to the artists for coming to the scene to introduce their works and to tell their stories.


Pi Li

I think that social media plus photography is a social disaster today – seeing so many people come to a real space to see a real exhibition may be the greatest charm of photography, and today I saw that.


As a judge, we always have a very contradictory mentality. That is, we struggle with the idea that we have a right to judge an artist’s work as “good” or “bad.” However, the entire process is a very good challenge. It is also a process of learning and enjoyment. I am very pleased to see that many artists are constantly pushing boundaries of photography – in terms of narratives, spaces, and the physicality of it.


Wang Tuo


Frankly speaking, I was really flattered because I am not a photographic artist in the strict sense. I am, however, very happy to be able to participate in this exhibition and see that all artists are also seeking to expand what photography means. We now live in a particularly complex and multilayered environment, which is particularly suitable for exploring new ideas and approaches. Therefore, I am very happy to be able to work with this artistic community to push the boundaries of media.


Fan Ranran


I’ve seen many excellent works at Three Shadows today, and I’ve seen that Three Shadows can provide these opportunities for young artists. I really appreciate it. Also, I know this award hasn’t been going for that long, but that really shows me what’s possible in ten years – the scale and impact you can achieve. A platform like this really has influence, and they are very good and very rare things to come by.


Ms. Emilie Kang, Director of Public Relations at Shiseido (China) Investment Co., Ltd., revealed that Fan Ranran was the winner of the Shiseido Photographer Award and gave a 20,000 yuan prize to her.


Shiseido is a global cosmetics company from Japan. Its first president,Mr. Shino Fukuhara, was also a pioneer in Japanese photography. He started the Shiseido Gallery in Tokyo in 1919, which has continued to support and exhibit emerging artists, including Three Shadows founders Rongrong and Inri. Through a decade of collaboration between Three Shadow and Shiseido, we have tried to carry this spirit forward, encouraging cutting-edge artists to create new values and lifestyles for Chinese people and society.


Chen Ronghui:


I was prepared to go up, see the work, and then just have dinner. I was totally surprised when they called my name and didn’t know what was happening. I really need this camera – maybe I told the judge that I was working hard at minus 30 degrees and using a large format rig. Then they might have thought there was a chance to give me a smaller one that’s easier for me to carry around.


André Oldani:


For Alpa, whenever we think, we must think and act from a long-term perspective. We must always stay true. From our point of view, Rongrong, inri and Three Shadows represent photography as an art form, and the possibility of using an educational platform  to promote photography. They have certain authority in this field. Based on this reason, we believe that our missions will always intersect. We met in June of last year, and our cooperation began soon after. We supported the tenth anniversary of Three Shadows and the 40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Photography exhibitionlast year, and this time we are honored to support the tenth annual Three Shadows Photography Award. I’m here to  represent Ursula Capaul and Thomas Weber, co-founders of Alpa Camera, and I thank everyone for giving us the opportunity to give out the ALPA Award. Every beautifully crafted instrument needs someone to appreciate its beauty. The same applies to the Alpa camera. As a photography tool, it also needs excellent photographers to give it life.


This year is the tenth year of the Three Shadows Photography Award. "Interlink: The 10th Three Shadows Photography Award, 2018" is an important junction. It lets us see the significance of adhering to a mission, and it also indicates the arrival of the next decade. "Interlink" is not only a review of the past and the prospects of the future; it also highlights the significance of photography as an art and the artist's work in the present.

At the opening ceremony, RongRong and Inri, co-founders of  Three Shadows Photography Arts Centre, gave speeches.




It’s a pleasure to have everyone here at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre. This is the 10th anniversary of Three Shadow Photography Award, we would like to thank you all for the support. It is our pleasure to see all the success and development of past artists. We believe the TSPA is in a great position to help Chinese contemporary photography’s continued growth and to keep it active going forward. We will keep doing this in the future, and we invite your continued support.. We want this award to become always more inspiring and active.


We see the Three Shadow Photography Award like a window that provides a chance for the world to better understand the diversity and dynamism of contemporary Chinese photography and China as a whole. With Three Shadows' support, young photographers and artists have received extensive attention for the first time from the industry.


In order to ensure impartial, justified and high academic standards, the Three Shadows Photography Award relies on a rotating international jury system. Except for a single vote right reserved for Three Shadows, we specially invite top museum curators from China and abroad, bringing international art institutions and experts to the scene of Chinese contemporary photography art. They experience the power of the work first-hand and provide possibilities for future bridges between Chinese photography and the rest of the world.


This Ceremony was hosted by Chen Shen, the curator of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.

Nataline Colonnello, Beijing Director of Three Shadows, also expressed gratititude to friends who have supported Three Shadows for the past few years. They are: Ms. Emilie Kang, Director of Public Relations at Shiseido (China); Ms. Stephanie Dai; Mr. André Oldani, co-founder of Alpa Camera; Chengdu International Photography Exchange Association; and Zhe Jiang Photography Press. We also give our thanks to all the participating artists , the Three Shadows staff, and all of  media and guests who attended today’s ceremony.